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24/07/2014 07:48pm
We need YOUR help!

Alexander Löhner is actually developing the new page for the New Linux Counter Project.
This means, he needs YOUR help! Please go to and review the new page. Logins and registrations are already working. OpenID and Google Login is not working, but Facebook-Login is working.

Review the page, use it, look around, test it, think about it and give us your feedback!
Also see the github project page here:

Without your feedback we can not know if we are on the right way with this new page and it wouldn't make much sense to continue developing this brand new page, if nobody wants to use or test it.
We really would appreciate your help here!

Best regards
The Linuxcounter Team

23/07/2014 07:13am
LIVE Development Status Page

Hello people!

I'm currently heavily developing the nw page for the New Linux Counter Project. I'm writing this completly from the scratch again like the original page too, but now with using special frameworks and many other stuff like bootstrap for the responsible and mobile design.

All updates on the code are immediatly reflected to the LIVE development Test Page. If there are any changes on the code, this page will then change immediatly.
You can see (and use!) this LIVE development version of the new page here: The logins are already working, also the registration. There is a nice social networking feature on the startpage (only for logged in people! Click on the linuxcounter logo, to reach the startpage). Everybody is welcome to use this new feature!

This new page is developed on github. If you are a Webdeveloper (PHP+OOP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery) or a Webdesigner (HTML(5), CSS(3)), then you are invited to help me with developing this new Linux Counter page.
Simply write me an e-mail and tell me what you want to do and what your knowledge is about.

Best regards
Alexander Löhner

04/07/2014 07:59pm
New site for the LinuxCounter

Hello all!

I've decided to build a completly new page for the LinuxCounter.
This actual page was developed only by myself and completly from scratch without any frameworks and such. The new page will get a new design and it will make use of the famous Silex Microframework and including libraries like doctrine for the database connections and such.

You can see the code of the new page here:
You also can see the live development version of this new page here:
If there are any updates on the codebase on github, then it will be immediatly reflected on this live development version.

If you are a profi with PHP, HTML(5), CSS(3) and of course Silex Microframework, then you may want to help me?
Just write me an email and I'll give you access to the code.

13/05/2014 07:26am
The New Linux Counter Project needs YOUR help!

Hello people!
Alexander Loehner, the maintainer and hoster of this great project has moved his home location from Berlin to the famous Bodensee (Germany) because of a new job and a bigger apartement for his little son.
Since this was really expensive, there is no money left to pay the servers.
Since this is a free and open service and the server is a bit expensive, he now needs your help to pay this server for this month.

Please donate to him for paying the server! He really would appreciate your help!

Use the following link to donate on paypal for this cool project:
Donate on paypal

Thanks in advance!

11/04/2014 05:43pm
"Heartbleed" security bug in OpenSSL

The following security problem in OpenSSL is fixed on the

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, instant messaging (IM) and some virtual private networks (VPNs).

The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. This allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.

09/04/2014 10:55am
Some new features on the website

Hello all!
Some new stuff was added to the site:
- A shoutbox on the left side
- disqus commenting for each news entry on a detail page

I hope you enjoy these new things. :)

28/10/2013 07:47am
Big upgrade!

Hello people!
Long time, there were no updates, but now here are two:
The lico-update script got a smaller update with a fix for the netcat submission.
I've upgraded the server software to the latest stable OS- and PHP-Versions.

24/08/2013 04:49am
Thanks to the two donators!

I want to thank the two donators, that have tried to help me with renewing the certificate.
Unfortunatly that wasn't enough. So I've now issued a free of charge class 1 certificate. The donations will be used for paying the server.
Best regards

23/08/2013 07:12am
New Android App for the Linux Counter!

Okay, here we are!
I've now finished the work on the android app for the linux counter! You can test this first beta version on androidpit: - The New Linux Counter Project - Google Play Store - The New Linux Counter Project - Android Market

Please inform me about every problem, bug or wish you may have for this app! Thanks for supporting the New Linux Counter Project!

08/07/2013 05:27am
Android APP for Linux Counter!

Hello people!

Since I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 now and thus I was able to watch the Android OS, I've decided to write an android app for the Linux Counter!
Android is a real linux and thus, it must get countet in the Counter. ;)
I've already started some days ago, but now I know that I'm able to do it and to finish it (Android App programming is that simple!).

So stay tuned and watch the news, it won't need much more time and it is nearly finished!
Best regards

08/11/2012 07:31pm
Enhanced countries and cities statistics

Hello People!
I've just enhanced the countries and cities statistics. You'll find them here:
All countries are now links to a page containing the cities in that country and each city is again linked to a page with all users in that city.

Remember: It only shows active users that also has active machines registered.

Sincerely yours

03/11/2012 09:12am
Doing some SEO stuff, any hints?

Hello linux users!

I'm just doing some SEO stuff, trying to get listed higher in the search engines.
This is not so easy and there are surely many, many things I don't know.

Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to help me with some tipps and hints.
You may send any suggestions or tipps to

Many thanks in advance!


26/10/2012 06:42am
Some important changes related to permissions on the server

Hello Linux users!

I just needed to change some rights and permissions on the server, because we had a backdoor script in one (other) project.
If there are any errors in this project here related to file permissions or similar, please contact me ASAP and I'll try to fix this.

Sincerely yours

19/10/2012 06:30pm
Creating of new machines through fixed

Hello people,
I've just fixed a problem that cause that creating of new machines through the update script was not possible anymore.

By the way I also have another news... :-)
I've married my sweetheart at 09/21/2012. This also has changed my lastname from Mieland to Lhner.
So don't wonder about the new name in the disclaimer and everywhere else.


29/07/2012 10:54am
Overall users charts on startpage

Hello all!
Are you wondering why our online user numbers has decreased so heavily? Well, I've moved the update and insertion of the online users from a global include file to the header file of the website.
Reason? Because the global include was included by everything, including the ajax loader script in the background and such. This is why the number was so high in the past.
Now the online users only get counted, if they are on one of the visible webpages of the project.

Sincerely yours

23/04/2012 03:41pm
We are still alive and not inactive! Just only some private changes in my live.

Hello all linux friends!
I'm just at changing my whole live, that means new job, new home, new girlfriend, new location. This has started some weeks ago and it will still need some (two or three) more weeks until all is managed and done.

Please be aware, that I'm actually not able to do any support on this platform. But any requests about password or login problems and any other contact emails are and will be stored and handled as soon as I've arrived my new home.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Just be patient and wait for my answers to your requests.

Thanks so far. Alex

11/01/2012 05:24am NOW is!

Hello people!

I want to announce the complete shut down and redirecting of to

Yesterday evening, Harald has created the redirections and thus The New Linux Counter Project on now is the main and only Linux Counter.

There are still some very less statistics missing, especially the detailed statistics for the country and cities, but these will come very soon, so stay tuned!
Most of the statistics that were also part of are integrated and there are also some new and other statistics on the new counter.

I want to welcome all linux users!
Please tell everybody to register for the counter to get counted as a linux user!

Sincerely yours
Alexander Mieland

29/12/2011 05:24am
Bugfix: "503 Bad Gateway" at login / logout

I've finally got an email about an error that appears, when trying to login with a wrong password or when trying to logout: "503 Bad Gateway". This problem must exist at least since three weeks, and I really wonder, why I've not received any bugreport about this much earlier.

Anyways, I've just fixed this issue and now you are able again to logout from the platform and to get informed when entering a wrong password at login.

15/12/2011 10:57pm
The Linux Counter Project now has its own PPA on launchpad

Since debian based distributions are the most used distributions, I've now created an own PPA for The New Linux Counter Project. This PPA already holds the most recent version of the lico-update script.
In the future, it maybe will hold some more few other packages. But for now, you are able to install and update the lico-update script on the most simple way: through the PPA for The New Linux Counter Project.

11/12/2011 07:59pm
A question to the community!

Hello Linux geeks! This time I'm coming to you with a small question.
I'm wondering if it would be interesting for you, to have some kind of bigger news section with news also from other pages, blogs and magazines.
Maybe you are interested in such a service on the New Linux Counter? Contact me on one of the social networks like facebook, twitter, dispora, ;)

29/11/2011 09:22pm
OpenID finally implemented!

I've implemented OpenID the last days. Actually only google is supported, but more will follow soon (myopenid and openid). So stay tuned!
Also the registration is now possible with OpenID.

In your profile, below your personal data, you now can link your openid accounts to your LiCo account.
I hope you like it.

27/11/2011 09:52am
Login to trac wiki with same user data as for LiCo!

Yesterday, I've migrated trac from sqlite3 to mysql. That was the first step to be able to provide the ability to login with the same user data (linuxcounter number or username from LiCo) without the need to register an extra account for trac.

Today, I've now found a trac plugin, that provides this ability without any hacking needed. So you now can login without the need of register a new account. Just use the same user data as for the linuxcounter.

Unfortunatly trac actually only creates session cookies. That means, that after closing the browser, you will be logged out and need to login again. Maybe I'll find a solution for this too.

26/11/2011 08:54pm
Many great changes and enhancements were made.

For detailed information about the changes, please visit the ChangeLog.

21/11/2011 09:35pm
Today's small downtime

Today we had a small downtime with a 500 server error. This was caused by a parse error, which I was not able to find quickly. I'm very sorry for these 30 minutes without LiCo. *g*

19/11/2011 06:06pm has a new design!

As promised on the mailinglist, I've created a new design for the linuxcounter.
Many people has complained about the old-fashioned design. So I've created a new design today.
There still may be one or two small layout bugs, but they will get solved soon.
I hope, you like it!

15/11/2011 10:07pm
Fixes for number of machines

Someboday has added over 400.000 machines through the massadd function. I should limit this in the future.
These machines now were deleted.
The problem here is, that this has caused my previous fix for the number of machines to be invalid. We have not over 300.000 active machines. Actually the machines database holds a complete amount of 137.305, where 50.071 are marked as not active and 87.234 are marked as active. Some owners of these still active machines are marked as 'freezed', which causes these active machines not to be counted.
So we have a complete amount of 86.970 active machines for 129.075 active users.
The only problem in the past was, that newly created machines has got an empty value for the field `isactive`. That's why newly created machines were not counted and the complete number of machines has decreased each day.
This now was fixed and empry values were filled with 'YES'.

15/11/2011 03:50pm
Mistake in number of machines

Until 2011/11/15 15:45 (GMT) the number of machines were very low (about 80.000 machines for over 129.000 users). This was a mistake in the database:

The state of a machine is defined by a field in the database called `isactive`. This can be 'YES' or 'NO'.
Unfortunatly about 300.000 machines had an empty value there. This is why only around 80.000 machines were counted, while in real there are over 380.000 active machines.

I'm very sorry about that. It took some time until I found this issue. Now this is fixed and we have the real number of machines for our around 129.000 users.

02/11/2011 10:09am
IRC channel #linuxcounter on freenode

Hello all!
I'm quiet sure, that many of you are already active in the IRC network on freenode. Because I'm also a member there since about 11 years (old nick: dma147, new nick: criz), I'm now proud to announce our own irc channel on that network: #linuxcounter (thanks to Miguel who has registered this channel some years ago and now transfered to me).

I've also already registered a public group on freenode to also get some other channels reserved and to get listed in their list of projects.

So, come over, /join #linuxcounter on freenode and talk to us, discuss with us and idle around with us. :)

09/10/2011 07:58pm
New Mailinglist and new version 0.3.13

As you all know, we are planning to shut down the old counter and to redirect all old domains and URLs to the New Linux Counter Project ( as soon as the new counter provides all the statistics the old counter provided.
Because of this we also will shutdown the old mailinglists then. I've now created a new mailinglist on

I would now request that you all move over to this new mailinglist.

You can subscribe here:
Or with sending an email with "subscribe" in the body of the email to

There is also a new script version 0.3.13. See changelog.

08/10/2011 09:54pm
New Mailinglist will replace old one!

As you all know, we are planning to shut down the old counter and to redirect all old domains and URLs to the New Linux Counter Project ( as soon as the new counter provides all the statistics the old counter provided.
Because of this we also will shutdown the old mailinglists then. I've now created a new mailinglist on

I would now request that you all move over to this new mailinglist.

You can subscribe here:
Or with sending an email with "subscribe" in the body of the email to

04/10/2011 06:40pm
Mail Delivery failure for (from

Since some of you seem to have not read our news related to the mandatory update of the machine-update script to the version 0.3.5 on the 20th of september 2011, I'm repeating this here again:


NEW version 0.3.5 released! Now with password authentication

This is a mandatory update! Since there were no verification either with nor with the old machine-update script that it is really your account to update, I've now released version 0.3.5 which now provides password authentication.
You are required to update your machine-update or script with this new version. Otherwise your machines will not get updated anymore.


Some additional notes:
The update was necessary, because of two things:
- The new authentication for machine updates and
- Because users wanted to get rid of the need of a mailserver to send the data.
The script sends the data via POST to an API script. Shortly after this mandatory update was released, the email address was deactivated.
So please get the most uptodate version (actually 0.3.9) of the script here!

03/10/2011 04:13pm
Many new stuff and new update-script version

My guests has left and so I had some time to work on the project today.
I've just added two new statistics pages here: One provides some top100 lists, for example for the uptime. And one gives you some statistics over the major kernel version. I've also added the uptime information to the public machine pages.
Many other smaller bugs were also fixed. See the changelog here.

28/09/2011 08:27pm
OpenID registration and logins deactivated due to security reasons!

I've just deactivated the OpenID registration and login due to security reasons. It could has happened, that you were logged into another account which uses the same OpenID-URL (like it seems to be quiet normal for Google accounts).
I'll activate it again, when I have found the problem and a solution.

26/09/2011 10:03pm
New Design for!

Hello People! I want to create a new design for the new linux counter project. The actual design is very simple and not very nice.
Any suggestions are welcome - maybe examples, design studies, modified screenshots or whatever.
Please be aware that there are still browsers that doesn't support HTML5 or CSS3. Please also take care of text browsers that should be able to display the page in a readable way.
So please send your examples, suggestions, whatever to:

25/09/2011 09:21am
Machines now also has certificates!

I've just added certificates for the machines. Unfortunatly the place on the image isn't that great to provide much information on it. Also every machine may be restricted which information to show. If someone has forbidden to show the hostname and the cpu, there would be nothing of interest to show on the certificate.
This is why I've decided to only show the machine number at all. You may link the image to the public page of the machine, to show more information.

24/09/2011 02:54pm
Great enhancements to the machines!

Every machine now has five new switches at the end of the edit machine form. The first four switches are for setting informations to public or not public. The fifth switch is for setting a machine to active or inactive. Only active machines get counted!
There now also is a new automated script in the background that runs every night. This script sets all machines that were not modified during the last two years to inactive. This means, that today night, there will be set over 52,000 machines to inactive! This will cause a great break down in the charts for the machines.

23/09/2011 11:07pm
Now OpenID on!

I've just implemented the OpenID into Just enter your OpenID in your profile and then you can use your openID to login. If you still have no account on, you now can also register just only with your openid and then also login only with your openid. No counter number and password needed anymore.
Of course, the counter number is still your linux user number, so you still should remember it, but it is not needed anymore for the login.

21/09/2011 07:02pm
500 follower on twitter after one and a half month! Thanks so much!

YES! We actually have exactly 500 follower on twitter! Thanks so much for your trust and your support! We hopefully will grow as much as until now during the last two months! Please tell your friends, your collegues, everyone about this cool project and the successful revival of the good old linux counter!

Also one warm thank you to Harald Tveit Alvestrand for the trust in me and the great work with the good old counter!

21/09/2011 06:44pm
NEW 0.3.6 released! Important update! Special Update Key instead of password!

Hello people, I'm really sorry about this mass of updates every day. Especially about these two last mandatory updates, but they really were necessary.
The first idea was, to make the update process more secure by implementing the need of the password. Then we have discussed internally, that this may be dangerous because nobody can trust others. The password may be sniffed locally or read by root or whatelse. So we have decided to remove the need for the password again and to implement a special update-key for each machine. This should be safe enough to verify each update.
If there are no strange bugs, this will be the last mandatory up0date for the next time.

20/09/2011 07:48pm
NEW version 0.3.5 released! Now with password authentication

This is a mandatory update!
Since there were no verification either with nor with the old machine-update script that it is really your account to update, I've now released version 0.3.5 which now provides password authentication.
You are required to update your machine-update or script with this new version. Otherwise your machines will not get updated anymore.

18/09/2011 11:36am
New (0.3.0) script released! Now with update notice and distribution detection!

I've just released version 0.3.0 of the new machine-update script (
This script now also detects the distribution and distribution version. It also now has an update notification implemented.
Many other changes and enhancements on the project were made. See the ChangeLog for more details.

16/09/2011 08:03pm
NEW machine-update script not relying anymore on a mailserver!

I've just finished the new machine-update script. This script now doesn't rely anymore on a mailserver. It uses either curl or wget to send the data via SSL to the counter. It now also is not written in perl anymore as perl isn't my language of choice. This script is written in native Bash.
If someone has better knowledge in sh (not bash), then he might change the script as needed for sh and send it back to me.
Get the new script here

15/09/2011 08:01pm
Mailserver problem fixed

Yesterday I have made a setting in postfix to prevent spam. The problem was, that postfix tried to check against a not existent file. This is why registrations of today has not received the registration emails or why password emails has not been sent.
I've just fixed this issue and now all emails will get sent. So all of you will get the email you are waiting for the whole day long.
Sorry for this mistake.

13/09/2011 08:27pm
Apache is out - from now on we'll use nginx together with varnish cache!

You shouldn't have noticed it: I've just stopped the apache server and started the nginx server together with the varnish cache. There are still some things to tweak, because varnish doesn't seem to deliver static files, when cookies are used, but this is just only some small things to change later. The most important thing is, that pages now will get delivered much faster than before.
There is (beside the normal IO bottleneck on the disk read/writes) only one more bottleneck: the database server. The mysql server needs also some more optimization, but I'm aware of it and trying my best.

Please note: For now, I'll stop my request for some sponsors. There is no need anymore, for now. But very much thanks to all who has written me and offered some help!

12/09/2011 07:05pm
Server performance issues

Since the article on, our server experiences great performance issues and sometimes doesn't respond anymore. From the moment on since the article appeared on, we had 250 users online during 5 minutes and now, two days later we have about 60 - 70 users online the whole day long.

Since this article appeared, I'm at thinking about solutions for this problem and also already changing things on the server. For example I've completly turned off logging.
I've also already installed nginx and varnish cache in order to switch the webserver infrastructure itself to somewhat that has way more performance. The complete switch will happen in the next few days.
I'm quiet sure, that things will become better in the next few days. So I want to say sorry to all, that have problems accessing this project.

10/09/2011 03:50pm
We have been slashdotted!

Wohoo! has written an article about us and in the same moment that article appeared on their main page, we had 250 online users at the same time! Thanks to! *g*

This has of course caused massive performance problems for our small server. The page was mostly reachable, but extremly slow.
If anybody of you knows a good sponsor (or two), that may sponsor some servers or some money to finance one or two bigger, faster servers, please contact me! Thanks.

10/09/2011 03:30pm
What has happened??? Suddenly the access to this page explodes...

Hello people and welcome to the New Linux Counter Project!
I'm really impressed that the online user now suddenly explodes. But I also really wonder where all these people suddenly come from? The last weeks we had a maximum of 80 users online at the same time. Today at about 01:00pm (GMT) suddenly the counter explodes. We had a new record with 250 online users at the same time.
So if anybody can explain me, where all the people came from, please contact me. :-)

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