LiCo machines update script

There is no need to visit this page, login to this page and update your machines by hand every day or once a week. Fortunatly we are providing a script that does the machine update automatically.

Just download and/or install the lico-update script by using the links and description below. It is absolutly safe and will update your machines through the cron daemon.

LiCo Update Script v0.3.20

Here you can download the (optional!) lico-update script and read the help about this script.
This script registers or updates a machine's info in the counter. The info registered will show up in the list of machines on your homepage.
If you have a debian based system like Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or similar, you may install the lico-update script through the PPA on launchpad:

Attention, this is outdated. Use the wget method below instead! ~# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alex-mieland/ppa
~# sudo apt-get update
~# sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys <the missing key>
~# sudo apt-get update
~# sudo apt-get install lico-update
The signing key is 1024R/10826689

Or you can download the newest version (0.3.20) of the script here:
You may use wget for downloading:
~# wget -N --no-cache

Instructions for use:

  • Save to a file named "" in any convenient place
  • From a terminal window, change directory to that place.
  • Change it to be executable (chmod +x
  • Run "./ -i" to enter information
  • Run "./ -s" to see which information will be sent
  • Run "./ -m" to send the data
  • Run "./ -ci" to add it to your crontab file
  • Run "./ -cu" to remove it from your crontab file
  • Run "./ -h" to see the help
  • Run "./ -v" to see the version
YOU DO NOT NEED TO RUN THIS AS ROOT. Running it as "any random user" is MUCH better practice. The user ID must only be able to read files from /proc and to write to its own home directory.

The information you have entered with the -i switch will also be stored in the file "~/.linuxcounter/<hostname>". You can edit the info you entered by hand by running " -i".

If you have any trouble, mail the program's output, the top few lines of the script, and any files in $HOME/.linuxcounter to [email protected]
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