Kelly Leininger: Fashion Visionary

Kelly Ruth Leininger is a novice fashion designer who has a promising future in the fashion industry. Born to a German father and a native American mother, she creates clothes inspired by the heritage of both her parents' cultures and traditions.

Kelly was born in Philadelphia and moved to San Jose with her family when she was five. Both her parents were trying to stay close to their roots and keep their traditions alive by introducing them to their kid and building them into their daily life as much as possible. This awareness and love of her ancestors' cultural heritage would later inspire her in the creation of her collections.

The bright kid took interest in every subject taught at school, but soon she fell in love with arts and history. After completing her undergraduate degree in History of Art and Visual Culture at California College of the Arts, she first wanted to pursue a higher degree but the undergraduate studies at the college and the private courses in fashion design formed the foundation for the passion she would have for fashion in the future.

Her entrance into the fashion world seemed to be easy. She was noticed by Fashion Scout when she introduced some of her design projects and then started to get invitations to more prominent fashion shows. Invitations to collaborate with fashion brands followed each other but her goal was to create her own brand.

But as soon as she first appeared in the fashion industry, she was surrounded by rumors and made-up stories. Is she really the person behind those incredible models? Who is that mysterious supporter she gets money from to pay for all her work? Who helped her so easily appear among the big names?

But she was determined to ignore these gossips and make a breakthrough in the fashion industry and break new ground in it.